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We are sparktivity

Helping contemporary teams do their best work in a changing world.

The world is changing.

Historic societal shifts have brought us all to a new vantage point—ahead lies a vista of wide-open possibility that we believe will continue to transform every part of our lives.

We call this landscape The New Frontier, and our purpose is to help contemporary teams unravel its complexity, clear the path ahead, and to make progress toward their shared goals on the terrain of a changing world.

Real Outcomes

Our solutions help teams turn toward the future.

Contemporary Collaboration

Effective collaboration is the challenge every contemporary team is trying to solve—so much of a high-performing team’s success hinges on effective communication combined with information organization.

Against that backdrop, another new expectation has emerged—everyone wants access to all their content, tools, and collaborators anytime, anywhere in the world via the best experience possible.

We teach teams how to harness new tools and techniques for cutting through the noise—email can be made useful again, costly status meetings can be eliminated, remote colleagues can be fully engaged, and everyone can stop wasting time tracking down team members, status information, and project resources.

Process Improvement & Automation

Ask three different people on a team about the agreed upon business process used to deliver a product or service, and you’ll often get three very different answers—the truth is that most teams have not formally designed their key business processes. Team members may disagree about “the right way” to do things, and underneath it all, precious time is being wasted.

Being successful in the new work requires clarity in business process. Sparktivity helps our clients protect their investments in talent, time, and tools by defining responsibilities, identifying inefficiencies, prioritizing improvements, bootstrapping automations, and setting the stage for continual refinement.

Informed Decision Making

What’s happening in an organization, what does it mean, and what should be done about it?

In a world where attention and focus are more fragmented than ever before, we believe that figuring out what’s relevant amidst many streams of inbound information is the most difficult problem of the modern era—determining what’s worth paying attention to, what’s not, and taking action on what matters.

We help leaders make informed decisions by creating beautiful real-time statusboards, visualizations, dashboards, and reports that are meaningful to informed decision making.

Sparktivity can illuminate data to help leaders illuminate their organizations.

Field Content Collection & Distribution

Ubiquitous access to business content and performance analytics, and the ability to receive instant updates to both—this is the sea change in how information must be delivered by forward-looking teams and the individuals who run them.

Our firm’s content experience is like no other, allowing us to provide tools and systems that are tech-smart and data savvy. We build clipboard replacement systems to replace paper and harvest real-time data from the field, and we deploy digital publication libraries to push critical content out to remote teams.

We’re here to help get business content and information in sync with the field via today’s web platforms, apps, and mobile devices.

Our People

We're an expert, interdisciplinary team of technologists, designers, researchers, and social scientists.

Joe Schram

Principal & Founder

Joe's calling has always been to distill complex problems, design a clear path forward, and to create better ways to work for his colleagues and clients.

Before Sparktivity, Joe spent eight years in Chicago and two in Raleigh with design, technology, and marketing positions in the advertising, publishing, entertainment, and consulting industries. Joe followed his BA in Graphic Design from Columbia College Chicago with a decade of continuous certification from Apple, Red Hat, and others, focused on web, open-source, mobile, and agile technologies.

As a natural problem solver with a hands-on approach, a proficient communicator with proven technical ability, and as a big thinker enamored with the humanities, Joe leads the firm's direction and curates our portfolio of solutions.

Since 2007, Joe has served North Carolina’s design community with various roles on the board of the Raleigh chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design—in 2014 he joined the Advisory Board after a two-year term as Co-President.

Sarah Mason

Director of Applied Anthropology

Sarah's training and experience as a social scientist has given her valuable insight into how groups of people can work effectively toward their shared goals. This deep understanding of how to rally teams around a common endeavor as a means toward organizational alignment has helped Sarah make meaningful contributions at several nonprofit organizations during critical times of transformation and change.

After positions in Washington, D.C. at the Federation of American Scientists and at the Newseum, in 2010 Sarah joined the foundation partner of the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh. First as contract Registrar, then as Associate Director of Membership & Advancement, she helped open the museum, led marketing campaigns, deployed new donor operations technologies, and helped launch the inaugural annual fund for CAM Raleigh.

Sarah has a BA in Anthropology from Hamilton College & an MA in Museum Studies from The George Washington University.

Dawson Roark

Director of Emerging Technologies

Dawson has more than 20 years’ experience delivering successful business solutions at the intersection of sales and technology. Throughout his career, Dawson has served clients as diverse as Atlas Copco, BMW, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Caterpillar, Cummins, Dominion Enterprises, Eaton, Ford, Johnson Controls, Mercedes, PPD, Quintiles, SAS, and Washington Gas.

Before joining Sparktivity, Dawson was most recently CTO at Innovapad where he designed and built a cost recovery and documentation platform for first responders. Prior to Innovapad, Dawson founded and led Decode Solutions, a technology integration firm focused on mobile application development and innovation. At Decode, he and his team built, managed, and consulted on mobile applications for many companies, including The DCI Group (Congress Connect), GridIron Ventures/NFL Players association, TevaPharma (Certification Pro), Nooch, and they launched their own mobile app communication platforms, OpenMyVideo and HiveHelp.

Dawson is an award-winning, talented professional musician who has played live and studio sessions as a drummer with several bands in North Carolina, New Mexico, and beyond. A fact-finder, straight-talker, and investigator to his core, he appropriately has a BA in Criminology from The University of New Mexico.

Kate Thompson

Resource & Outreach Specialist

Kate has held leadership positions within the NC State University College of Design’s partnership with CAM Raleigh, the contemporary art museum in downtown Raleigh. She was instrumental to the museum's opening and formative years between 2009 and 2013, designing and launching several of their most enduring events and their management model, and last served as Interim Director through a time of transition and change.

At CAM Raleigh, Kate produced over 19 major exhibitions with nationally recognized artists and curated the museum’s inaugural exhibitions in 2011. Prior to CAM Raleigh, she held leadership positions at fine art and interior design businesses in San Francisco and Denver.

While the arts have always been a huge part of Kate's career, it's her ability to navigate through complex situations and extract priorities has positioned her as an expert project manager in university, non-profit and commercial sectors.

Kate has a BFA from the University of Denver, Colorado, where she was Magna Cum Laude.

Josh Brown

Client Success Manager

Josh is an amazing communicator who works to understand how he can bring new thinking, new ideas, and new ways of working to creative businesses, helping them put together solutions to improve the productivity and capacity of their teams.

During six years as a Specialist for Apple Business, first in the Atlanta market, then in the Raleigh/Durham market, Josh's focus was on collaboration with medium and large corporate businesses, helping them design new systems and solutions based around emerging technologies.

Before Apple, Josh's AA in Video Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta led to his time as a video producer and editor at Atlanta's local Fox affiliate, FOX 5, and to his work as a video producer for a variety of Atlanta-area clients, including The Carter Center.

Sparktivity Insights

Thoughts on The New Frontier, modern work, and technology.

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