The Nature of Business
has Changed

Digital disruption means a new way of working.

We help ambitious organizations thrive amidst the rapid technological and social changes of today’s world.

We are a digital transformation partner.

Navigating Digital Transformation

Our Areas of Expertise

We resolve these types of disruptive scenarios:
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Fig. 1

Contemporary Collaboration

We resolve these types of disruptive scenarios:
  • The software tools you use are slow or complicated
  • You can’t access your business data if you’re away from the office
  • It takes a while to track down important information and resources
  • Your team members are unclear about accountability for results
  • Your business email is a cluttered, overwhelming black hole where information goes to die
Automation dec0335e6c892ca62d683ad773c7dcdbdfa0edde94ee947af88a0cab4f3b4c20
Fig. 2

Automations & Integrations

We resolve these types of disruptive scenarios:
  • You’ve got duplicate information in multiple, unconnected systems
  • You have too many passwords
  • Manually retrieving and entering data is time-consuming and causes bottlenecks
  • Team members don’t have enough time to do fulfilling work
  • You find out about things long after they occurred
Datacollection 8a05ed7caed68542d1c465a71016ee29978a7199b66f46c90f0620596dc8d6e6
Fig. 3

Data Collection

We resolve these types of disruptive scenarios:
  • Your team works in the field or from locations other than a central office
  • Sometimes your work is done in locations without Internet
  • Your team collects information on paper then types it up later
  • You’re spending a fortune on paper and changes mean a reprint
  • You know that tablets and smartphones would make this process better
Dataviz f83a9617df0b46526e486ecb8f42fe51faa14dab824317faefec295cc2f0d97b
Fig. 4

Data Visualization

We resolve these types of disruptive scenarios:
  • Your team is tired of looking at spreadsheets
  • Your business data is confusing to understand and to explain
  • It takes too much time to determine actionable next steps
  • You wish you had a real-time, easy-to-understand overview of status
Bestwork c01d807b9b68cdd1546f51e5a8007bbb0249da23d47fd4108a513ad9f0c79c82
Fig. 5

Best Work

We resolve these types of disruptive scenarios:
  • Your team is struggling to stay motivated
  • Your team is leaving to go work for someone else
  • You’ve hired more people but are still struggling to get the work done
  • Younger employees have joined your team, and their expectations are different than those of prior generations
  • These terms make you curious but uneasy: Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Service Design, Change Management, Organizational Alignment, or Innovation

Using a New Way of Working


Huber 21acda3da65fdeca8ca2f0b968a71470b82be83777503ad59cea64324ee3e6d2
Sparktivity’s multidisciplinary team helped us tackle our problem from several different angles. Together, we’ve designed and built a suite of engagement tools that connect our employees and foster a culture of innovation inside the company.
Calvin Trumbo, Director of Innovation
Myriad b58093ded5487286f4540249079cecfab45cfb882a3a6b2d878fab2730f52135
As a growing firm, it was time to take our internal collaboration applications and processes to the next level—Sparktivity created the roadmap, dug into the details with us, and helped us get there. The result was a new ecosystem of business tools designed for our mobile team.
Will Feichter, President & Partner
An agile approach encourages collaboration and flexibility


We’ve developed a unique approach for helping teams plan and react to process change. Our multi-disciplinary, three-stage method functions at the intersection of technology, design, and the social sciences.


The first step toward a solution is to learn about the problem you're trying to solve. We begin with field research and interviews with stakeholders and users. This stage also includes early design exercises building wireframes, concepts, and mock-ups of the proposed new experience.


Design isn't how it looks—design is how it works. At this stage, we're rapidly iterating on prototypes that focus on the new experience. We're building software and services that animate and automate the components needed to bring the designs to life. Pilot teams and beta testers provide feedback which informs change to the prototype’s code and services.


This stage is about seeking out proactive, real-world feedback once a new tool or process is live. We roll out new systems with a dedication to collecting user feedback immediately. We make changes and tweaks as early as day-of, relying on agile techniques to quickly ship improvements.

How To Work With Us


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Recommendations ($)

When you don’t know where to go.

We point you in the right direction. It’s up to you to make the journey. Types of offerings include executive briefings, speaking engagements, training, and workshops.

Management 32e679258f71ec923564ca843b8d3246bcb0d7b3dbaf5c14d4708ab5c646c338

Guidance ($$)

When you’re ready to start on the path to improvement.

We’ll lead the way while you pull the load. This offering includes research, a custom designed solution, and guidance in implementing that solution.

Guidance 3f7f49ada828199848fbcd04515641bfe9a0e4bcc432a4347f81ec9e91c3b7bc

Management ($$$)

When you just need to get there, now.

We’ll lead the way, carry the load, and deliver you safely to your destination (with timely decisions from you, of course). This offering includes research, a custom designed solution, implementation and complete oversight of the solution.

Field Notes


Notes from The New Frontier of Business: Digital Transformation

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Kate Thompson • 13 January 2016

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